Believe it or not, we get asked this a lot.

Are you really building a skatepark?

In January 2018 we attended a Parks and Rec meeting where we were led towards some of San Diego’s most knowledgeable and influential people who helped us get started on the ‘How To’s’ of building a skatepark. Now, we are raising awareness and funds to help build our new Skate Haven.


Do you guys have a location?

We have narrowed it down to a few locations, but still waiting on a final decision and approval from the County of San Diego.


Have you guys asked the Tony Hawk foundation, can’t they help you?

Tony Hawk Foundation; here’s your chance!


Wait- all you Skate?



There used to be a skatepark in Spring Valley!?

Yes! From 1977 to 1979. The Original Skate Heaven brought out the worlds most elite riders of that era!


 What kind of Park will it be?

Originally deemed to be a community park, based on the number of signatures we have obtained from outside the state and country, it certainly will be a regional park!


After you’re done building a skatepark in your town, can you help us build one in ours?

We would love to! One of the main reasons we are having such great success in the advocacy for our Spring Valley Skatepark is because of all the support and love we are receiving from the original skateboarding generations. Plus other various committees and counsels that have successfully built other parks in the county. (Shout out to Terry and the Lakeside Skatepark Community!)


How are you raising money?

We have a very active and dedicated group of people helping work towards this cause. We have in-house silkscreened t-shirts along with other garments soon to follow!


Where is the Spring Valley Skateshop?

Currently, all of our gear can be purchased on our website and throughout supporting skateshops. 


Where’s the closest skatepark to Spring Valley?

There is a good amount of smaller skatespots around the cities adjoined to Spring Valley by car or public transportation but none close enough in the heart of Spring Valley to truly make a huge recreational  imapact on it’s youth.


Skateboarding is going to be in the Olympics?

Yes! In 2018, it was officially announced for the first time in history, Skateboarding will be part of the 2020 Summer Olympics. Now, wouldn’t it be great to have our very own SVSP facility up and running by then!?


 Thank you,

Spring Valley Skatepark Committee 



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  • I grew up on Sweetwater Road three blocks from the skate park and cut my teeth at Mount Miguel high school and other school ramps. The opening of that park was epic we were pioneers are used to drive around with a sump pump to pump out pools in the drought

    Douglas Findley

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